About Us


WeMakit is the ultimate boutique agency that embodies the positive qualities of large and small agencies alike.

Founded by a group of Senior Marketer and Web Developers after realizing how much customers are being overpriced when it comes to any service related to Digital marketing or Web development.

The market is becoming purely commercial without any consideration for the need of the client, driven by big agencies which charge massive fees for a good quality work and small agencies or individuals who provide poor quality work at high prices.

We seek to position WeMakit in the middle; with High quality work at fair prices. Our aim is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients considering them as partners to our business.

We seek to help startups to grow, companies to thrive, individuals to standout by improving their services and getting closer to their customers.

We seek to help our clients speak to the world through ideas that captivate big audiences. Ideas that are thrilling the first time you hear them, and get more exciting the closer they get to reality.

This is done using an ethical approach through transparency in communication and taking into consideration the financial and business needs of our clients.

After all this is what we believe marketing stand for.

Our Mission
Help our clients speak to the world through ideas
Our Vision
An agency thriving for creativity and ideas
An agency thriving to create a relationship
An agency which doesn’t consider its clients as cash cows
Our Values